Happy 2nd Birthday Walt

Tonight I couldn’t sleep. I enjoyed making the video below and looking back at Walt’s two years through photos and videos. Maybe it’s the fact that we almost lost Walt that day and I’m grateful that he’s still here with us today. Maybe it’s looking back at the last two years and all the changes that our family has endured. I think most of all, it’s how incredible my son is and my heart is too full to sleep.

Two years ago today, our world was unexpectedly turned upside down. But Walt has been our greatest blessing! Walt is the happiest kid you’ll ever meet. He is always babbling, squealing or laughing-sometimes even laughing for no reason. His laugh is contagious. If you’ve met him, then you know what I’m talking about. Anytime you’re around Walt, you leave feeling happy. Today we celebrate you and the amazing warrior that you are!

We had a different life planned, different story laid out in our heads, but we’ve learned first hand that God can have bigger plans. 

Walt has shown us that God is greater than anything we could ever imagine. 

OUR plans quickly changed and GOD has been leading us through our new journey. Our warrior shows me daily what it means to fight. He shows us how big our God is and how big His love is for us. God chose us to be Walt’s family, he picked Walt for us. We love him and everything he’s added to our family.

Some may look at Walt and question Gods love, but Walt is the perfect picture of Gods love. He is a miracle. He was a miracle to conceive, was a miracle that he survived his birth story and miracle he’s hit the milestones he’s hit so far. He pushes me to be a better person and mother. I’m incredibly blessed to be your mom.

We had a rough start, but look at Walt now! I have thousands of pictures and videos of Walt and decided not to make a movie length video, but try and highlight his adorableness.

Walt has accomplished so much in these past 2 years! He’s grown and hit milestones at his own pace, some thought to be impossible or harder than he’s lead us to believe. Progress is progress, no matter what speed.

I cannot wait to see what else you accomplish this year! Keep climbing the mountain Walt, the journey is hard but the result is breathtaking. 

We love you, happy birthday buddy!!

Family Vacation to Cancun, December 2021

2 Replies to “Happy 2nd Birthday Walt”

  1. Happy birthday Walt!!! Im so glad you posted this updated. I am amazed every day at the goodness of God! Look at God work! ❤️


    I have Prayed for Walt since day 1 an the family. As I was praying this morning I said I was gone reach out to Tonya an see how he was doing an first thing I see is Today is his 2nd Birthday! He is a Miracle n he is Wonderfully made an he is such a cutie! Praying for complete healing for him an always know You do have Prayer Warriors Praying daily for Walt an yall!🙏✝️💙


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