Walt Sitting in the Couch, a May 2022 Update

While doing an evaluation for Georgia Pines, Walt started showing off! Everything was clicking and it was one of those days where he blew us away with what he has remembered! This was one of those therapy sessions I wish I had recorded, I wish you could have seen it first hand, what all he was doing. Recreating it on video is always tricky, he may not “perform” as he did during the therapy session, but he continued to do amazing! He’s holding his head up better and more consistently. Trunk control is getting stronger. He’s more verbal then ever and he was already very talkative! He’s doing a few new signs, “more”, “all done” and clapping! We can go months without new progress and then out of nowhere he’ll do a task we’ve been working so hard on. I couldn’t be happier with today and the progress Walt has made. Keep pushing buddy!

One of our amazing Therapy Sessions!!

One Reply to “Walt Sitting in the Couch, a May 2022 Update”

  1. I was just thinking about messaging you………and I get this email! I absolutely LOVE these updates! The smile on Walt’s face (and yours too) says it all. You are an amazing mom and Walt is blessed to have you. What amazing progress!!<3


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