There Are No Accidents

Your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear.

Isaiah 58:8

There are no accidents. God doesn’t do accidents.

It wasn’t a coincidence that we randomly went to Cascade Hills Park this afternoon. Just before, T-Maw and I swapped kiddos. I took Walt to his 9 month check up and she took Whit to the Park to play and hang. Walt was weighed and measured. Good height and weight, more on the low end but it showed growth. Head circumference is still small but that’s all to do with his brain growth. He laid there in front of me as I filled out his Nine Month Development checklist. Most everything I marked was “Not Yet”. He’s not sitting up, pulling up, picking up things and handing them to me. These were no surprise to us. Your “typical” nine month old would be doing a lot of these things or at least attempting them. Walts not even close. And I know, I cannot compare him to anyone else! At all. Walts in a league of his own. He’s behind and we know that.

We had a good visit. No earth shattering changes, but it was still hard filling out those forms and marking “Not Yet” on every milestone. So when I got to my car, I wanted to call Brian and cry. I wanted to vent about the form and how he’s not doing things yet. But I prayed. I asked God to turn those “Not Yets” into “Yeses”! I asked God to in His own time, let Walt hit those milestones, even if he’s a year old or older.

Then we arrive at the Park. And there was Mrs. Janice. If you attend our church, you know who I’m talking about. Mom stopped her and we started telling her about Walt. When it comes to Prayer Warriors, there’s our Pastor’s Wife and Mrs. Janice. If you need prayer and mountains moved, those are two women who can make it happen! So being the amazing Christian she is, Mrs. Janice asked to pray for us. She asked God to give her the words and then they seemed to flow out of her. She quoted scripture, and Isaiah 58:8 stood out to me. She called it out and asked for healing. That’s exactly what we’ve been doing, asking for complete healing for Walt and to hear it out loud again from someone else, just hearing about Walt and his story, was so touching. We stood there in the park, hands laid on each other and on Walt and she prayed and we cried. It was God’s perfect timing. She prayed for healing, for Gods favor over Walt and our family. She said she wasn’t supposed to be at the park that day, she wasn’t planning on it. But God knew I needed her there and then and I needed to hear those prayers over Walt. She also prayed for me. I left feeling so encouraged and strengthened. Walt is on her prayer list and I know when she says she’ll pray for him, she means it.

Also, Walt was no accident. He was put here with us, for a reason. He has a purpose. Today was hard, but encouraging. Gods timing was perfect. Nothing about today was an accident. I’m thankful for what happened today. Thank you God and Mrs. Janice.

3 Replies to “There Are No Accidents”

  1. God ALWAYS has a plan and a purpose. Thank you for sharing your heart! I am in agreement with you that baby Walt will reach EVERY milestone!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Praise The Lord for Prayer Warriors!!🙌✝️🙏
    Walt definitely was not a Accident ,He is a Precious Child of God an I Pray daily for all of You an I call out everyone of Yalls name . Plz know that I Truly Believe that God is a God of Miracles an Walts Miracle is coming ,Just “Be Still” & Trust Him in His Timing!
    Oh, what a Testimony He will tell one Day!
    Continued Prayers, love you guys so much . Stay Strong an know Gods Got This an this lil obstacle is nothing to our God of Miracles. Walts Miracle is in the Making!!🙌❤

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  3. Sweet Walt. I love all the pictures and videos of him over coming obstacles. His sweet smile says it all “I am here world, watch out here I come. “. Prayers for your family.

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