Our First Seizure

Recalling today’s not so fun experience.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Well I was hoping we would have avoided today’s experience. Today Walt had his first physical seizure. Yeah, it sucked. It seemed to have lasted forever. Very rhythmic, ever 10 seconds his body would jerk and spasm. I thought it was like normal baby reflexes until it kept happening.

Moms sweet little dog Bella was all over Walt. Almost like she knew…she doesn’t bother Walt hardly ever and then she was right there with him, licking his head and just staying near him. I had to push her off of him several times then we thought maybe she knew or felt what was going on. It was interesting.

He had seizures while in the NICU. Not ones like today, more silent. He knew because his stats would tank. He cake home on phenobarbital then his neurologist switched him to Keppra. It’s easier to manage. I may have witnessed 3 silent seizures once at home, where he’d look off into the distance and stop sucking on his paci. Then he’d come back to. But today was definitely different.

His neurologist has bumped his medicine up, that should help. He’s getting bigger and gained weight, which is great, so his body needs a little more.

So new prayers. Pray for our little guy. The seizure wore him out! He was exhausted afterwards. I’m hoping this is the only one. I pray that he doesn’t have anymore. Also pray for my momma heart, it hurt so bad watching. Pray for the doctors guidance in knowing he needs next.

Thanks everyone for your prayers! We love y’all 💙

5 Replies to “Our First Seizure”

  1. Oh Brooke! My heart hurts for you and Walt! This must have been the hardest to watch. Your baby! We love you do much. Your whole family. We will pray that this medicine will work to elevate seizures for good. He is precious! Babies are strong. Praying for him to have healing! Anything we can do. Please tell us!

    Again. We love you and lift you both up to God for his arms to surround you with His Love and His Healing!!!


  2. Brooke,
    I Pray for Walt and your entire family couple times daily an I dont just say that, I fervently Pray for healing for Walt. I Pray this is the last one he will have an since they increased his keppra maybe it will help stop them completely.
    I know it has you in a mess seeing him go thru these medical issues that’s out of your control .Keep Trusting God cause he is Faithful to his Word! Nothing is to Big for Our God!! Remember Walt was wonderfully made!!🙏❤

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