One Opinion

A Rainy Wednesday. March 4, 2020

Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Why does it always seem like it rains when you hear news you don’t want. It’s in the movies, it rains during those dramatic, sad scenes. Rain signifies bad news. A gloomy, yucky day. Well our day wasn’t that bad, but we didn’t hear the news we were praying for.

Today we met with Dr. Boydston from Children’s Hospital Of Atlanta. He’s a neurosurgeon. Our main concern was Walt’s head sutures. They are still very prominent and overlapping, you can see them easily. We were told it could be one of a few reasons:
1. The sutures are fussing together causing the brain not to grow.
2. His brain isn’t growing therefor not pushing the bones out to smooth out.
3. There’s no issue and needs more time. This was the option we were hoping to hear.

Dr. Boydston does not think his sutures are fussing together yet. He said he’d be surprised if they were. He’s ordered a CT scan to confirm it and get a better look at the sutures. However, that leaves us with the other option, his brain not growing. He’s speculating that based on his injury, that his brain isn’t growing like it should be. Walt’s brain had a serious injury to it, so there’s a lack of brain mass and volume.

Today was hard. The news was hard to hear. That’s what makes this rain today seem so sucky. It was hard to hear that the doctor is speculating that Walt’s brain isn’t growing at the rate that it should to push the bones plates out and to smooth the sutures out. But he didn’t say that it wasn’t growing. He is speculating that due to the extent of his brain injury and damage, that it could be growing slower and is just smaller. That he has loss of brain mass and volume. Walt’s proving to us daily that he’s growing. He’s eating well, getting bigger, cooing and squirming around.

We asked Walt’s neurologist here in Columbus for another MRI to be done to see if there are any changes or growth in volume. We also asked for another EEG to look at seizure activity and if his new medicine, Keppra, is working. He said that it’s still too early for a new MRI, the brain needs months to show change or growth. Needs more time than two months. Walt would also have to be sedated for the MRI and he doesn’t want to do that if it isn’t absolutely necessary yet. Also, people with epilepsy will have EEGs that are normal, it won’t necessarily show seizure activity. So we are going to have to wait a while longer for updated tests.

Brians thought behind it is that he almost wishes the bones were fussing together. Then there would be a problem and a solution. The problem being the bones are fussing and the solution being surgery to fix it. In our case, there is no solution. There is no solution to fix his injury and brain damage.

The first thing I did when I got home was hold Walt and pray. I went into a prayer of thanksgiving. I’m thankful for a God who loves us and who has given us everything we already have. He has allowed Walt to still be with us. Walt is growing. He’s squirming and cooing. Brian pointed out how much better his left arm is already (in the NICU he wasn’t hardly moving it and there was a huge knot on his elbow; now the knot is barely there and he moves it just as well as his right arm). I’m thankful that he’s eating when they thought he shouldn’t have been able to. I’m thankful for the news we heard, even though it wasn’t what we wanted. God’s got plans for Walt and I’m thankful for allowing us to be a part of it.

I’m asking for big prayers. That Walt’s brain does continue to grow. Even if it’s on his own schedule and time, that it will grow. The brain is a miraculous thing and I pray that everything will reroute itself. That he will learn to pick his head up, sit up, roll over and then move on to crawling, walking, running and jumping. I pray that his brain will reroute all of those movements and allow him to do them. Our prayer is that he will continue to defy all the odds that are stacked up against him and show the world how miraculous our God is.

We serve a big God, who’s bigger than anything we could ever imagine.

One thing that I tell my students all the time is, “This doesn’t define you.” A bad grade doesn’t define you. Second grade doesn’t define you. But it’s part of your story.
This is part of Walt’s story. Today doesn’t define him. God’s actually already written Walt’s story. Walt’s just carrying it out. Walt will tell us more. That’s the hardest part, the waiting. Waiting to see what Walt can and cannot do. Walt will tell us what he can do, not a MRI, not one doctors opinion. Although, we are grateful for doctors. I’m grateful for God giving them their abilities. He was doing his job, telling me what he thinks and then ordering some tests to confirm and go from there. God’s defined Walt and that’s all that matters.

I’ve learned that we don’t live for one opinion. We don’t live for the world’s opinions. We live for God. We know that one opinion doesn’t define Walt.

Let your burdens come undone
Lift your eyes up to the one
Who knows
He knows

13 Replies to “One Opinion”

  1. Brooke,
    You are seeing the big picture! That God is in charge!… to face this realization is huge because it is truth! So very hard, hurtful, puzzling, scary, but so real..
    when you truly believe as you do , some peace is available.. oh my how long and how hard it was to just let go!! You seem to know far more than I about that..
    I will pray for walts brain to develop. I will pray about how thankful I am to see faith as you and Brian display. You are carrying God s message every day by your words and deeds..
    I’m just so happy to share this story with others …. God be with you and your whole family. Whit is such a precious being .. also. Our love, mjoliver


  2. Prayers for gods will to be done, god never leaves us or forsakes us, I will be praying 🙏 morning day and night!!!


  3. I am so proud of your strength and faith. Please dear God have mercy on this precious baby. Please hear our prayers and give Brooke and Brian hope and peace to overcome whatever lies ahead .

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  4. Praying for Walt & for His Brain to fully develop . I have Faith that it will an it’s in Gods timing !!
    Jesus is the Great Physician an still in The Miracle business. Keep Praying, Trusting God an stay In The Word ! When you are Weak & struggling with all the news just remember Jesus is Strong !!
    Got yall covered by The Blood !!
    Love yall
    Jeremiah 29:11

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  5. I am agreeing with you in prayer. Your positive words and attitude are so wonderful. I know God is proud of you. I pray blessings over all of you. I pray God has a wonderful plan for Walt. He is blessed to have you as parents. God knows that. ❤hugs

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  6. Brooke , what a powerful God we serve . The faith you and Brian are showing is a blessing to all of us . As a mother your love for your children is so powerful and inspiring . I am praying for Walt and your family . Walt is fearfully and wonderfully made . Psalm 139:14. I know you know that , we all want more for his life . God has a plan for everything . God’s will for Walt is perfect . I believe Walt is a miracle . We will claim all good for him in Jesus sweet and Holy name Amen !!!!!! I love you guys so much .

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  7. Brooke, you are certainly a gift from God❣️ Love your sweet genuine post . We are praying constantly for your precious Walt, you, & Brian🙏🙏🙏. I know our medical field is making new discoveries daily. Please God intervene & help this little Angel🙏🙏🙏

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