Short Fuse

Monday, February 24, 2020

Today I found myself having a short fuse. Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and then our children remind us to stop and remember what’s more important.

•The rain won’t stop and it’s keeping us from finishing our house.
•It wet all my mail, the mail I was going to send out and the mail in our mailbox, all soaked. The ink started running on one envelop and I had to redo it.
•The stroller was left outside and got sopping wet.
•I was opening a bag of diced onions to put in the crockpot for dinner, and like a bag of Lays, it exploded and onions went flying everywhere! Behind every appliance, inside the toaster, and in every nook and cranny a small diced onion could manage to find. I just know I’ll be smelling onions for days because I won’t find them all.
•Just any little thing that could go wrong, did today.

And then Whit went and laid by Walt on his mat. He talked to him and held his hand. It brought me back to what’s important. Our house will be ready when it’s supposed to be. Wet mail isn’t that bad. Our stroller will dry. I am capable of picking up diced onions, even the ones I may find days later.

I’m thanking God for two boys who are doing fantastic! Thank you God for a son who is genuine and loves his brother so much! He tells him “hey” whenever he sees him. He loves giving him kisses on his head. He brings him his papi when he’s crying. These are the moments that we haven’t been robbed of. We may not have had the delivery story we dreamed of, but these of the memories I was praying we’d get to experience with them. These moments help extinguish that fuse I was fuming off of earlier.

All of this isn’t easy. We may go a day or two without an appointment or a call about insurance and payments or the next appointment, but there’s always something coming. Brian is my rock and I feel so bad that I’ve been so testy lately, sometimes towards him without him deserving it (not that he ever deserves it!). Sadly those closest to us take the brunt of our emotions. But this is the honest truth. Haven’t we all been here before? Work, school, children, life itself gets us all in a tissy and before we know something small like our mail getting wet sets us off! But then something like our children being sweet to each other without our prompting brings us back to the sweet reality that life isn’t always so bad. Those little golden moments help keep our fuses longer and us from exploding just yet. So hold on to those moments mommas. Life is sweet and God is good!

Whit playing with his baby brother Walt. My heart is melting watching these two.

2 Replies to “Short Fuse”

  1. Keep up the talking.. you are blessed but doesn’t mean it isn’t truly rough.. I mean rough!!
    Only those who have faced events of great fear can know.. look for peace.. I can believe that whit is that tender because he inherited it!!
    Keep blogging!

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